The Adventure Bureau has a special mission: to bring stories and fun to Everyone!

The Adventure Bureau is an ancient organisation whose job it is to create all the adventures EVER! We have magical offices which are filled with drawers, wall to wall and floor to ceiling. These drawers are bursting with ideas which take the form of smells, sounds, objects, pictures and words. We use these ideas to create stories. However, these ideas alone are not enough! So we go out on special quests to find MORE ideas and generate MORE stories from the greatest minds out there....YOURS! And on top of this, we enlist budding Adventure Bureau officers to help create the stories too!

We believe...

  • Stories have the power to heal, grow and inspire.

  • Everyone should have equal opportunity to engage with play and creativity.

  • Everyone has a story inside them waiting to be born.

Meet the team...

Katie Storer

Katie is a performer, writer, facilitator, and director. She performs regularly as a clown, fool and storyteller. Her stories take the audience on bizarre and magical journeys using ludicrous physicality and rambunctious characters to end up in places that no-one would ever have expected! When she’s not spinning ridiculous yarns, she is found in the rehearsal room with young people leading workshops and creating shows for companies such as the Bristol Old Vic and Travelling Light Theatre Company.

Simon Panrucker

Simon is a comedian, musician and filmmaker. For the past four years, Simon has worked as a composer writing music and songs for Cartoon Network’s hit show Clarence as well as for other shorts produced by Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Titmouse Inc. In his personal work, he performs high-octane comedy shows fusing original music, improvisation, physical theatre and tongue in cheek fun for everyone. Simon has previously been commissioned to write music for BBC Radio 4’s Word of Mouth and Channel 4’s Mashed.

We also collaborate with:

Adam Blake 

Stephanie Kempson